Hosted Call Recording Service

Stop Wasting Time and Money!!! Make the Switch to Secure Digital Recording and Complete Transcription Support Without…

  1. Investing in Hardware, Software, Site Licenses and continuous upgrades.
  2. Investing in additional storage, servers and real estate to house it all.
  3. Training additional IT personnel to manage an in-house call recording system.
  4. Hiring and training in-house word processing personnel.

All this and additional benefits as well…

  1. Immediate shared access for playback of the recorded statement.
  2. Easy, secure back up redundancy of the digital audio files for security purposes.
  3. Increased claim adjuster efficiencies.
  4. Enhanced call tracking, reports and data analysis.
  5. Ability by managers to quickly review calls and provide coaching.
  6. Customizable report capabilities.
  7. No lost interviews!

How it works

Customers can set up a call and start recording in under 20 seconds. The system is very intuitive and easy to use. Easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Log on to your custom adjuster web portal and enter indexing information, such as claim number, insured name, interviewee name, and adjuster ID. Submit and immediately receive a unique Record Locator number that will tie all the indexing information to the recorded call.
  2. Call the HomeTech 1-800 number and enter the record locator number to start the recording.
  3. Conference interviewee into the call. Now you’re recording!

When the call is complete, HomeTech can send a confirmation email to the adjuster, including a hyperlink to the recording for easy retrieval.

Transcription – To request a transcript, simply access the file on the HomeTech web portal and click to send to HomeTech for transcription. The completed transcript will be returned within HomeTech’s guaranteed turnaround times.

Contact HomeTech at 1-800-377-5147 or to set up an account today!