Interview Recorder

Record interviews

The Telephone Interview Recorder lets you record telephone and in-person interviews directly to your computer.

Record audio notes and dictation

Using a simple microphone attachment, the software makes it convenient to record dictation and email it for transcription. It’s also easy to record audio notes to send to colleagues via email instead of spending valuable time typing out notes.

Easy to use

The intuitive user interface means an adjuster is trained and ready to use the software right away.

Compressed file format

Much smaller than a conventional WAV or MP3 file, HomeTech WMA files are small and play back over any computer with a Microsoft Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8. WAV and MP3 are also available.


Small file size means easy storage on your computer network, CD, or thumb drive.

Pricing options

Reasonably priced, HomeTech has pricing options to best fit your company.

Contact HomeTech at 1-800-377-5147 or to have a kit sent out to you today!