Insurance Claims Recorder App

Another Innovation by HomeTech, Inc.

The Insurance Claims Recorder app turns your adjuster’s smartphone into a ‘one-stop claims adjusting machine.’ It permanently eliminates the need for an office phone, digital voice recorder, camera, video recorder, notepad, and most (if not all) laptop functions.*

Easy & Versatile

Record memos and calls from your mobile phone with the app’s easy-to-use interface. Simply make a call as normal from the app’s dialer, and your call will be recorded and securely stored in a central server. All recordings can be sent directly to HomeTech, your favorite transcription provider.

Safe & Secure

All recordings and transcriptions are stored in a secure, central location. This location can be integrated with your system on-site or remotely hosted on a high-security server.


  • The Insurance Claims Recorder app saves your company time and money.
  • Recordings, videos, photos, notes, sketches, and contents* can all be uploaded to a centralized server as soon as the adjuster records the file.
  • Claims managers have instant access via a secure web portal and can run reports for business intelligence.
  • Claims cycle time is reduced.
  • Files are centralized and can be sorted and analyzed. The pricing is less than standard hosted call recording.
  • Claims departments no longer need to support additional peripheral devices like digital voice recorders, cameras, video recorders, and laptops.*

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* Third-Party Recorded Statements, Dictation and Conference Recordings are currently supported. Video, photos, notes, sketches, and contents are all possibilities that our Research and Development Department is currently testing.

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Use the app "as-is" or contact HomeTech for customizations tailored to the needs of your organization

Please contact HomeTech at 1-800-377-5147 or for more information.