Recorded Statement Transcription (RST)

The industry’s premier service for transcribing recorded statements from analog tapes and digital files! Setting up an account with HomeTech is easy. Contact us at 1-800-377-5147 or

Digital Recorded Interview Transcription

  • A pioneer in digital recording solutions for the insurance industry, HomeTech transcribes digitally recorded interviews in all file formats. The most common formats we receive are wav, mp3, mp4, wma, aud, dss, dct.
  • We transcribe many formats of video. Give us a call to find out which formats.
  • HomeTech is a green, paperless company. Transcriptions are returned digitally via secure file transfer, encrypted email, or other secure file transfer options- not hard copy. A paperless work environment has many benefits beyond clearing clutter and filing cabinets. Going paperless increases the efficiencies of communication (file routing), business intelligence (analytics), and security and data retention.
  • As the leading claims transcription company, HomeTech has vast experience integrating into your existing claims management system.
  • HomeTech also offers a wide variety of options in securely transmitting your audio and transcription files. The emphasis on security is one reason why so many of our clients have stayed with us for over 20 years. Contact HomeTech to see how we stay ahead of security concerns.

Analog Tape Transcription

  • We have the ability to transcribe your tapes and cassettes. For shipping information, please give us a call.

Let HomeTech be your resource in assisting your office in the paperless movement! Contact us at 1-800-377-5147 or to set up your account today!